We are the social, natural, scientific, and technological.

We specialize in gathering and analyzing information at the level of Small-Data. We use Ethnographic, Qualitative and Ecological Field Methods alongside Content Analysis, Quantitative analysis (R), Science-to-Policy Translation, Transnational Social Movement Analysis, Chemical Assays, and Internet Research Methods. We are experts in the research methods of Environmental Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Biology, and more.

We have experience and interest in a wide range of projects including

  • Problem solving based on ethnographic fieldwork and grounded theory.
  • Evidence-based health benefits of outdoor, conservation jobs
  • Health benefits and sustainability of wild plant harvesting and urban farming
  • Indigenous sovereignty movements and their use of social technologies
  • Technological support for education, citizen advocacy and action groups
  • Real-time applicability of space science, exploration, settlement theory and policy
  • Academic social media and web consulting, for individuals, departments, and institutions
  • National and State parks research and consulting
  • Working with municipal and private efforts to foster sustainable practices
  • And many more – contact us to discuss your project.

Instruction, Training and Curriculum Development

We offer expertise in instructional methods and curriculum development ranging from middle-school through adult; with emphasis on natural science, psychology, anthropology, recreation, social media/internet, and programming languages.

Analysis and Data Visualization

We offer technical possibilities, products, and data analysis through Linux, Android Development, and Mobile Website Development; with strengths in Python, Java, Javascript, and Ruby.

Visual, Critical Publications

Products can take the form of online publications, visual journalism, web sites, journal articles, open access content, literature reviews, policy recommendations, insights, strategic plans, academic reports, press-releases, and more. See our Case Studies.