Elizabeth Housley

Elizabeth Housley, M.A.
Nature Engagement, Senior Project Manager
OFE Founder
Evidence-based Public Communications
Stewardship Education Program Manager
Seattle | Global
Phone: +1.501.773.4051

My work focuses on the health benefits of natural and restorative spaces in urban environments.

My areas of specialization include: Stewardship, Attention, Physiological Responses to “Nature”, PTSD, Chronic and Acute Stress, Veterans, Youth, Outdoor Recreation, Restorative Environments, Social and Critical Theory, Wayfinding, Environmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality Psychology, PNW wetland and forest ecosystems, West Gulf Coastal Plain forest ecosystems, Cave ecosystems, Urban Gardening (Theory and Practice)

My areas of expertise include: Technical writing (Federal, Academic, Press-Releases), Policy Translation, Editing, Literature review, College-level instruction, Project Management, Volunteer organizing, Environmental Education (NAI Certified Guide, Project Learning Tree and WET/WILD, WNPS/Forest Steward)

My research methods expertise include: In-depth and field interviewing, Focus groups, Behavioral and Cognitive mapping, Survey design and implementation, and Content analysis (SPSS, Sente, R, TAMS Analyzer)